Does Your Husband Take You For Granted? 27 Signs He Doesn’t Value You As He Should

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t feel important to my husband,” it’s understandably upsetting, and there could be one of several causes.

The most concerning cause is whenyour husband doesn’t appreciateor value you.

When he treats you this way, yourself-esteem, the relationship, and even your future as a couple suffer.

If you feel your husband takes you for granted and treats you disrespectfully or unkindly, you don’t have to accept the unacceptable.

Having more awareness about this problem and your relationship dynamic can help you know how to best proceed.

Why Doesn’t My Husband Value Me?

You have come to believe, “I don’t feel important to my husband.” It’s different from the routine ups and downs of a relationship, and it’s not just a phase, so what’s going on?

When your husband doesn’t appreciate you, you want to know why. Although it can be a problem that is partly the creation of both partners, this list will help you know what your possible part in it is:

  • You give more than you get back:You may not even realize it if you’re giving too much. You have gotten so used to it that you’re worried your husband will think worse of you if you suddenly stop.
  • You’re afraid of confrontation:You’ve never learned how to stand up for yourself or confront a problem with anyone. You would rather just give in to them.
  • You’re not examining yourself:You haven’t taken the time to take a good, hard look at your behavior. Being honest with yourself is a great way to re-assess your relationship and work on making yourself better.
  • You’re too predictable:You’ve gotten stuck in a rut, and your husband can probably time your actions down to the second. You won’t change even if it benefits the two of you.
  • You have low expectations:Maybe you once had higher expectations, or maybe you always had a fear of being overly demanding. Either way, your husband behaves accordingly.
  • You’re too much of a people-pleaser:You have difficulty saying “No.” Your husband either takes advantage of this or believes you’re just naturally giving and are okay with it.
  • You constantly seek others’ approval:你不能做anything without checking in. Before you act or decide on something, you want your husband to approve of it first.

27 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Value You

If you’re confused about whether or not your husband is treating you poorly or respecting and honoring you as he should, these behaviors will help clarify things.

He may be unaware of his behaviors, especially if you’ve tolerated them silently for a while. Use these signs to begin an honest and loving conversation with him.

1. He doesn’t listen to you.

He leaves the room or interrupts you when you’re talking. He doesn’t listen, think about what you say, or respond to your comments, making you feel like you don’t exist.

这是一个片面的谈话,他希望be the only one talking and acts dismissive when you say anything.

2. He ignores your feelings.

When you’re sad, angry, upset, or even happy, he doesn’t acknowledge your emotions. He doesn’t want to respond to them or act like your feelings matter. You feel invalidated and maybe even believe you’re being overemotional, hypersensitive, or overreacting.

husband and wife sad signs your husband doesn’t value you

3. He lets himself go.

He stops grooming himself and no longer makes an effort to look and dress nice, nor does not take care of himself.

It seems he doesn’t care what you think about him or impressing you. Now that he’s got you, he doesn’t have to worry about being presentable and attractive.

4. He doesn’t seek your advice.

When he’s going through a hard decision or just wants to know what you think about something he plans to do, it’s normal for your husband to ask for your advice.

It’s a sign of respect. In this case, he doesn’t care about your advice or think you have any wisdom to offer.

5. He only contacts you when he wants something.

He sends you messages, calls you, or comes to you to talk when he wants something from you. It’s about seeking affection or just wanting to be with you. This behavior makes you feel used, as if you only exist to serve him.

6. He’s more committed to his work than you.

Your husband has become a workaholic, so being busy at work becomes a constant excuse.

He won’t even come home early sometimes or take vacation time to spend time with you. Whether you are going through a financial struggle or not, he doesn’t make you a priority.

7. He demeans you.

A husband who doesn’t cherish and honor you often belittles you when you talk. He makes demeaning comments and is rude, making you feel like you don’t matter.

Your self-esteem suffers, and you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. You may even blame yourself.

8. He stops making small talk.

He gives you the cold shoulder and thesilent treatment. It’s clear he doesn’t want to talk to you, even to say hello, ask how you’re doing, or comment on anything.

You may wonder if you’ve done something to upset him, but he just doesn’t want to exert the energy to connect. You end up feeling lonely — after all, your husband is supposed to be your best friend.

9. He doesn’t finish conversations.

He doesn’t allow the conversation to finish like normal. It can take the form of him interrupting you, hanging up the phone too soon, or suddenly ending a talk without closure.

妻子忙而丈夫是你h懒惰的迹象usband doesn’t value you

Doing so is insulting behavior that shows he takes you for granted and doesn’t respect you.

10. He prioritizes his friends over you.

Everyone needs to spend time with their friends, but your husband spends too much time with them. He even values them over you by constantly choosing to be with them rather than with you.

You set aside time just for the two of you to spend together, but it seems he assumes this is your job and that you should fit in around his schedule.

11. He no longer wants to be around you.

He withdraws from your presence. It’s one thing to be busy, and it’s another to make an effort to avoid someone actively. He doesn’t want to be around you or your family or be intimate with you.

This behavior goes beyond taking you for granted. It’s now in the emotionally abusive category – especially if he doesn’t bother to explain himself.

12. He doesn’t care about your opinions.

Your input and judgment matter as much as his, but your husband doesn’t ask your opinion about anything. He doesn’t consider what you say, and it shows in his behavior. Instead, he takes it upon himself to make decisions that affect the relationship.

13. He doesn’t include you with his family.

Maybe he has adysfunctional family, or his family disagreed with his decision to marry you. Perhaps his family is far away.

Regardless, your husband tries to keep you from interacting with his family of origin. He puts their needs and wants before yours and is private about what’s happening in their lives.

14. He’s too demanding of your free time.

Each partner in aromanticrelationship needs to devote a certain amount of free time and energy to each other.

But when your husband takes you for granted, he becomes overly demanding and may even schedule tasks and errands for you to do for him. There’s no spontaneity since he wantsto be controlling.

15. He is unreliable.

Your husband shows up late and can’t be there when he says he will. He constantly disappoints you and fails to keep his promises. Even if he avoids making promises he can’t keep, you can’t rely on him to be predictable enough to know when he’ll be home from work.

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16. He takes more than he gives.

A relationship should be about give-and-take in equal amounts. When your husband takes you for granted, he allows you to give without giving much in return, if anything.

The relationship becomes one-sided as you do most of the caring, and he remains selfish and ignores your needs and wants.

17. He doesn’t appreciate you.

Showing appreciation could be a “thank you” or a comment about what you did. It could even be a show of gratitude by offering to clean up after you cook or kissing you after doing something for him.

But a husband who takes you for granted doesn’t do any of that, leaving you to feel like he doesn’t value you.


You have specific needs that he should be aware of by this time. A husband who takes you for granted stops showing that he cares about your needs: he focuses only on his own. He puts himself above you, always, as if you exist only to serve him.

19. He doesn’t let you know when he’ll be late.

When your husband knows he’s going to be late from work or anywhere else, it’s common courtesy to give you a heads-up so you can prepare accordingly. The husband who doesn’t value you doesn’t do that and may come up with various excuses when you ask him about it.

20. He puts most of the responsibilities on you.

丈夫不喜欢你希望你to shoulder most of the burdens. That can be anything, including chores, taking care of the bills, or childrearing duties.

Such behavior makes you feel like you’re on your own, and he’s just there to contribute financially.

21. He badmouths you to other people.

If your husband talks badly about you in public, he doesn’t value you. He’s showing contempt for you. He wants other people to know he doesn’t think highly of you.

You have observed him talking badly about you to other people firsthand or found out about it through the grapevine, but it’s embarrassing and humiliating either way.

22. He doesn’t honor your boundaries.

You’ve set up personal boundaries for things you won’t tolerate in a relationship, and he knows what they are.

Those boundaries exist for you to maintain your mental sanity and self-esteem. He casually ignores them because he doesn’t care and doesn’t feel there will be any consequences.

23. He doesn’t compromise.

In a healthy relationship, compromise by both partners is essential. But when your husband doesn’t appreciate you, he doesn’t care enough to change or find a happy middle ground. You’re the only one making compromises for the sake of the marriage.

24. He doesn’t make any of the plans.

He forgets anniversaries, holidays, and your birthday. You’re the one who initiates special days and makes all the plans for celebrations.

And when those days come, he’s not really into them and shows little appreciation. He makes you feel disappointed and as if the relationship isn’t that important.

25. He fights with you.

Arguments are inevitable in a romantic relationship, but there’s a difference between an argument and an all-old shouting match or a fight. He has communication and anger issues, and you can’t help him, which makes you feel like you’ve failed him and the relationship.

The undercurrent of anger that might erupt at any moment leaves you anxious and exhausted.

26. He’s not honest.

Lying or omitting things is another way of taking you for granted. You’ve discovered he hasn’t been telling the truth like he used to, and it hurts. Even little white lies become upsetting when he tells them too often, and you have to wonder why he can’t bring himself to be honest with you.

27. He’s cheating.

He is givingsexualor romantic attention to other women. He could be texting or talking to other women on the phone, but finding out about his flirting makes you feel jealous and unwanted.

You suspect infidelity and worry about the future of the relationship. He doesn’t respect you enough to be honest with you.

What Should I Do If My Husband Doesn’t Value Me?

When your husband doesn’t appreciate you, there are definitely some things you can do to better your relationship. Here are some tips on what to do when your husband doesn’t value you:

1. Consider that he’s clueless about how to be a husband.

Some people desperately want to be the best partner possible but have no idea how. After all, your husband is not a mind-reader, and there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.

He may just need to do some soul-searching about what kind of a husband he wants to be for you. And you may need to be more communicative with him about your expectations.

2. Talk with him.

You need to tell him how you feel, how he’s been behaving towards you, and how his behavior affects the relationship.

couple under therapy signs your husband doesn’t value you

Communication goes both ways, so it’s up to you to do your part and include him when you’re ready to work on this problem together.

3. Examine yourself.

There are many times when the lack of appreciation is something that both you and your husband cause. It’s time to do some serious self-analysis and ask yourself how you may have contributed to him taking you for granted.

4. Stand up for yourself.

You’re the only person who can stand up for yourself. If your husband has become used to you always being a people-pleasure or saying “yes,” now’s the time to introduce boundaries and be your own best advocate.

5. Seek relationship counseling.

Outside input can be a beneficial endeavor for a relationship. A relationship counselor serves as someone who can be an unbiased listener and a sounding board. They can offer advice and show you how to communicate better and work on your problems effectively.

It’s a difficult realization when your husband doesn’t appreciate you. But with some insight, self-examination, and work on the marriage, there is hope for you to make the relationship better and encourage him to show you that you matter.

Do you feel unloved and unworthy because of your husband? Read this post and find out the signs your husband doesn’t value you.

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