159 Romantic Things To Do With the One You Love

When we first meet aromantic partner, we spend a lot of time doing fun activities together and creating memories.

We believe this blissful stage in our relationship will last forever.

But with time, that initial euphoria wanes, life resumes its normal course, and we refocus on our everyday lives.

Once we are in our busy routines, we forget to scheduleromantic things to dotogether as a couple the way we did in the early days.

However,studieshave shown that there is a high correlation between couples having fun and having a happy marriage.

The more fun you have with your partner throughout your years together, thehappier your relationship will be over time.

做出积极的记忆是很重要的r partner to keep your relationship healthy and thriving.

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What Should I Do to be Romantic?

Asking yourself this question shows that you want to keep your relationship exciting and fresh. Both people in therelationshipshould make an effort to come up with romantic couples’ activities you’ll both enjoy.

You can create romance by going on adventures together, challenging each other, and kindling the romance with new experiences to keep your sense of love for each other dynamic.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of new things to do with your partner that can add some fun and adventure to your lives.

Having a list of romantic things to do handy will ensure that you can always have ideas for shaking things up and creating memories with your partner.

159 Romantic Things to do As a Couple

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend idea, romantic anniversary ideas, or just some romantic outings that are spontaneous and fun, we have you covered with our extensive list.

The two of you will never be short of things to do as a couple when you have this list handy whenever you feel stumped for ideas.

Romantic Couples Activities

If you’re into corny but sweet things to do as a couple, you’re not limited to boombox serenades or moonlit walks on the beach.

Consider one of these romantic activities the next time you want to make your time out together more memorable.

1. Bring a picnic to the park.

If it is a sunny day or a nice evening, pack up a picnic and take it to a local park. Sit on the grass, watch as other people go by, and enjoy a leisurely meal together outside. If there is a pond, make sure to save some bread crumbs from your meal to feed the ducks.

Get moreromantic picnic ideasin this recent post.

2. Watch the sunset.

Find a beautiful setting, whether in a clear field or on top of a hill, to watch the sunset. Look at the colors of the sky together and slowly watch as the sun settles below the horizon.

couple canoe relax romantic things to do

3. Rent a paddle boat.

Find a local lake that rents paddle boats for the day and spend an afternoon on the lake alone with your partner, enjoying the views and the quiet sounds.

4. Take a dance class.

Nothing is more romantic than a night of dancing. Often, you can find studios that offer classes for newbies and couples. Try out a form of dance that is new to both of you, such as salsa or swing dancing. Don’t stress out about doing the steps perfectly, just have fun with it.

5. Find a fireplace.

There are very few things that are more romantic than sipping wine in front of the fire. If you do not have a fireplace in your house, find a local restaurant or hotel that has one that you can enjoy.

6. Tour your hometown.

Because you live there and experience your area every day, you may wonder why other people see your hometown as a vacation destination. Find the things around your town that a tourist would definitely have on their itinerary and rediscover your roots.

7. Go to a spa.

Sure,some guys may feel intimidatedby the thought of a couples’ day at the spa, but once you get there, your man will probably be thanking you. Purchase a couples’ treatment package like a massage or a mud wrap. Try to find a spa that offers a lot of services so you can make the experience into an entire day of relaxation.

8. Go to a fondue restaurant.

Feeding each other fondue can certainly make for a romantic dinner, and it’s a lot of fun. Find a local fondue restaurant and make sure you get dessert.

9. Make a fort.

Sure, this may seem childish at first, but in the end, you will have a cozy little area to snuggle for the rest of the evening. You will feel even more private in the privacy of your own home.

10. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

This is probably something that you are only used to seeing on television, but these carriage rides are very romantic and can be taken in almost any city. Pick a cold day and bring a blanket so you can cuddle up.

11. Take a pottery class.

Have you ever seen the movieGhost? If so, you know how romantic making pottery can be.

12. Go to a local bed and breakfast.

助教ke a staycation at a unique B and B with a romantic room, and let someone else prepare breakfast for you in the morning.

13. Go to a drive-in movie.

Yes, these still exist in some cities. Cuddle up in the back of your car with your partner and watch a movie out in a little more privacy than you would in a movie theater.

Woman beating eggs romantic things to do

14. Make dinner together from scratch.

Spending time in the kitchen with your partner can be really romantic, and then you can sit down to eat a candlelight dinner that you created yourself!

15. Walk through a botanical garden.

植物园是美丽的,让人耳目一新。助教ke a stroll through one and enjoy the beauty of nature in a uniquely designed setting.

16. Go for a hot air balloon ride.

Scared of heights? Your partner can hold on to you while you are overlooking your city.

17. Go to a vineyard.

Wine tasting can be incredibly romantic. Pick your favorite variety and take a bottle home to enjoy with a nice dinner for two.

18. Rent a plush hotel suite for the evening.

You can pretend you are on an expensive vacation for the night. Treat yourself to room service and just spend the evening with each other, knowing that someone else will pick up after you.

19. Swim with the dolphins.

You have to do this at least once in your life! It will be romantic to experience getting up close and personal with these beautiful creatures and share this adventure with your partner.

20. Take a pole dancing class together.

Not only is this sexy and romantic, but you will get a good workout! You may also walk away with some laughs.

21. Watch fireworks.

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to watch fireworks. If they are legal in your state, buy some and set them off in a field or at the river. Or, go out and buy some sparklers and play with them in the backyard.

22. Practice yoga in the park.

Relaxing and focusing on your breath with your partner can be both calming and relaxing. This is a romantic way to bond with your partner and generate a sense of inner peace together.

23. Go to a new coffee shop.

Discover a new, funky coffee shop instead of going to your usual chain coffee shop. Find a quaint, locally owned shop to support a local business and cozy up in a corner with your partner to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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24. Go on a ferry ride.

This slow-moving adventure is a great way to go sightseeing and relax with your partner. Enjoy taking a ferry from one side of a river to the other and do a little sightseeing before returning.

Romantic Nights At Home Ideas

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean doing the same old things with diminishing results.

Check out these romantic evening ideas to upgrade your domesticcouple time. You don’t need to spend a lot or even do a lot to guarantee aromantic evening at home.

25. Watch a romantic movie.

Or, rent a few of them and have a movie marathon. Make sure to find some from several decades ago and compare them to the romantic movies that have come out in more recent years.

26. Write letters to each other.

Write a letter to each other, communicating how you feel and what you most love about your partner. Exchange the letters after you write them and then talk about why each of you chose to write what you did.

27. Watch old home movies.

If you have been with your partner for several years, look back at some old videos or photos of when you first met. This can bring you back to those butterfly feelings that you had for each other when you crossed paths for the first time.

28. Paint a room.

While this may seem like a boring thing to do, it can be really cathartic and relaxing to paint a room. Take some time at home with the one you love to listen to some great music and repaint a room of your choice.

couple on rocks at ocean romantic things to do

29. Plan your dream vacation.

Money is no object! Get on your computer and plan a dream romantic vacation that you would love to go on together. Who knows, maybe one day your bucket list vacation will materialize.

30. Make breakfast.

If you had a romantic night, wake up and keep the togetherness going. Team up to make a decadent homemade breakfast and eat it in bed. Pancakes include simple ingredients that most people have on hand, so whip some up, put on a pot of coffee and listen to some Sunday morning jazz.

31. Turn your power off.

Act as if you don’t have power and as the sun goes down, light some candles and turn off your televisions and phone. Spend the evening in the glow of candlelight talking and spending quality time with each other instead of focusing on electronics.

32. Make a scrapbook.

Go through all of the papers that tell the story of your relationship and put them in a scrapbook. This may include plane tickets, movie tickets, wedding invitations, or even theater programs. Make a book that describes how your relationship has unfolded and evolved.

33. Host a game night.

Have a few other couples over and enjoy having a game night with your closest friends. Having fun together and being able to laugh is always a good way to strengthen a relationship and add some romance to your life.

couple kissing on downtown street romantic things to do

34. Bake a cake.

It doesn’t have to be for any event or occasion — just bake a cake with your partner as a romantic activity and splurge on it after dinner.

35. Dance.

Clear the furniture in a room to make some space to have a two-person dance party. Pick any genre of music you want and just dance with each other. You don’t have to worry about people watching you or judging your moves.

36. Take a bubble bath.

You can’t get more romantic than this. Wait until it is dark outside so you can take a candlelit bath. Put on some soft music, keep the water warm and just soak and relax with your partner. You can even add some essential oils to make the bath even more relaxing.

37. Drink some champagne.

I’m sure you have some lying around for a “special occasion.” Just break it open and enjoy it on any given day and celebrate being home and spending quiet time together.

38. Hand-feed each other chocolate.

This is a slow and romantic way to set the scene for a romanticevening at home. Make chocolate-covered strawberries and take turns with your partner feeding them to each other.

39. Play “Would you rather.”

This game opens up a lot of new conversationsthat you likely have never had with your partner. You can learn more about each other and likely even more about yourself. There are some creative questions out there for this game, so do some research and find some really outlandish questions to ask each other.

40. Give each other a massage.

助教ke turns giving each other a massage. You can do this in front of a movie or in bed while listening to relaxing music. The physical touch will be relaxing and romantic.

41. Ask each other powerful questions.

Asking questionscan be really fun and enlightening, especially if you have been married for a long time and think you know everything about each other. This will definitely have the two of you connecting and laughing in no time.

42. Create a theme night.

Pick a theme and plan your whole evening around it. For example, if you want to pick an Italian theme, eat some spaghetti and gelato and then watch a movie likeLa Dolce Vita.You could also do some other themes, such as 1980’s, Asian, Christmas in July, children’s theme, or anything else you can think of.

43. Conduct a “year in review.”

Spend some time with your partner recounting everything you have done over the past year. Highlight the best times you’ve had together and talk about how you were able to be resilient through the tough times. Think about how much you have grown as individuals and as a couple. Then, talk about yourrelationship goalsfor next year.

44. Break a record.

Look in the Guinness Book of World Records and spend the day or evening trying to break one that piques your interest. You can either try to do this together as a team or create a competition out of it and compete against each other to find out who has the best record.

crowd at rock concert stage romantic things to do

45. Play Twister.

This can get very romantic, depending on what kinds of positions you end up getting into. Also, it will bring out the kid in you.

Romantic Ideas For Her

If you’re running out of romantic surprises for her, try any of the options below to shake things up and make your date nights worth remembering.

Use what you know about the love of your life to choose the best romantic date ideas for her.

46. Rent a limo.

Hire a limo to show up at your house for a dinner outing. Spend some time just driving around the city in luxury, even if it is not a special occasion.

47. Surprise your partner with a candlelit dinner.

When your partner gets home from a long day, he or she will be delighted to see a nice, homemade dinner for two set up waiting and ready. Get some good wine and spend the evening together as if you were at a fancy restaurant.

48. Take your partner to a concert.

Don’t let them know ahead of time that you have scored tickets for one of their favorite bands. Just don’t make other plans that night and then spring it on them at the last minute.

49. Go skydiving.

Make something up to get your partner in the car — perhaps tell them you are going to visit a friend. Then when you start heading towards the skydiving location, surprise them with this exciting adventure. Just be sure this is something your partner would find fun.

50. Rent a sailboat.

This would be such a fun surprise for your partner. Hire a captain if you do not have any sailing experience, or take the boat out yourselves if you know what you are doing. Either way, it will be both exciting and relaxing.

51. Surprise your partner with a trip.

This can be just a weekend away or a longer trip to a fancy destination. Don’t tell them where you are going until you get on the airplane. Just tell them a few necessary items that they will need to pack.

52. Go back to where you first met.

Recreate yourfirst datewith your partner. If you went to a restaurant, try to sit at the same table you sat at on your first date. You can even go so far as ordering the same meal!

53. Prepare a scavenger hunt.

This can either be just around your house or around your entire city. At the end, you can have a small gift, or, if you want to make it into an extra surprise, end the scavenger hunt with a gift that they have been wanting for a while.

54. Take your partner camping.

Spend the evening under the stars with the person you love. Pack everything up that you will need for your camping trip before surprising them with your plans.

55. Throw a surprise party.

Is it close to your partner’s birthday? Plan a surprise party with all of their favorite people. Plan to have all of their favorite foods and drinks there and play their favorite music. This will let your partner know how much you care about them and want them to feel loved.

56. Go to a murder mystery dinner.

This is probably secretly on everyone’s bucket list. Get some tickets and lead your partner to believe that you are just going out to a normal dinner. This will be such a fun surprise!

57. Go to a sports game.

What is the local sports team in your city? Score some tickets and go watch them play live. People always love to be surprised with experiences and they always end up being fun and exciting.

58. Build a campfire and make s’mores.

You can get the campfire set up and ready to be lit and get your ingredients outside to make s’mores before your partner comes home. Once it is dark, bring them outside and surprise them with this special dessert.

couple watching sunset romantic things to do

59. Take your partner to a cooking class.

This can be such a fun experience and you can take what you learn with you and apply it in your own kitchen. You can pick any kind of cooking class, from sushi making to baking cakes.

60. Go to a play.

Look what plays are in town and when one comes up that would interest your partner, get some tickets! Take your partner out to dinner beforehand and then surprise them with tickets to the play after you eat.

61. Create a song.

Write a song for your partner and surprise them with it over dinner. Use this opportunity toexpress how you feelabout your partner and your general appreciation for him or her. While this may seem like more of a surprise gift than a date, it can lead to a night of playing music together.

62. Go to a comedy show.

This is such a fun surprise! You can laugh together all night and then leave in a good mood. This will definitely melt away the stress of the work week and let you two unwind.

63. Go to a raceway and ride go-carts.

This would be a great surprise for anyone who loves to have a little adventure and competition. Take your partner go-carting and see who can maneuver their cart around the best.

64. Paint some pottery.

Go to one of those places that offer unpainted pottery and allows you to paint it there. This way, you can get creative together and have something tangible to take home with you to remember your date.

65. Play arcade games.

Enjoy a blast from the past and take your partner to a local arcade for some old-fashioned games.

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Romantic Weekend Ideas

Consider the following romantic weekend getaway ideas for the next time you and your sweetheart need to get away from the cares of home.

These couple getaways make it easier to try new things as you get to know each other better.

66. Go to an overnight spa.

There are many resorts that offer spa packages.Do this as a coupleto take a short getaway with long-lasting relaxing effects.

67. Go to Napa Valley.

Go wine tasting and sightseeing inNapa Valley, California. This is one of the most romantic places to visit in the U.S.

68. Red Rock State Park

The rocks at this park in Arizona are amazing and the sunsets are to die for. This is a romantic getaway that you will not soon forget.

69. Go to Mexico.

This tropical getaway will definitely get your mind off of the stressors of your everyday life and allow you to bond with your partner.

70. Go to the Dominican Republic.

If you love nature, the Dominican Republic is a great place to have a romantic getaway. There are forests, lots of options for hiking, and some zip lining adventures to explore.

71. Try out a national park.

National parks are great for people who love the outdoors and enjoy camping, and there are58 of themin the U.S. full of majestic beauty.

72. Go to New York City.

Explore some of the best sites, shopping, theater, and restaurants in the world and experience the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

73. While you’re at it, go to Vegas.

Everyone has to go at least once. Try some gambling. See a few shows. Maybe even stay at the Bellagio!

74. Rent a cabin in the mountains.

Spend the weekend in a beautiful mountain setting with your partner. Find a cool but rustic cabin with a fireplace and a hot tub, and create a romantic getaway.

75. Go to Belize.

Belize is surprisingly close to Florida and it has so much to offer. You can go snorkeling, diving, and zip lining. This is a great tropical trip to take if you do not want to travel too far.

Unique and Different Date Ideas

Try one of these unusual date ideas when you and the woman you love are itching for something different to take your romance to the next level.

Any one of these fun, different date ideas will make memories worth sharing. Even better if you have pictures.

76. Play MadLibs.

Do you remember doing this as a child? You and your partner will be in tears laughing, which will help you bond and set the stage for a romantic night.

77. Go to a local farmer’s market.

Pick up the fresh, local ingredients to make a romantic dinner for two.

78. Play board games.

This may seem a little old-fashioned, but it’s surprising how much fun board games can be. Here’s a list offun board games for couples.

79. Discover your family trees.

Trace your roots back as far as you can do you can and get to know each other on a deeper level.

80. Play pub trivia.

Go to your favorite bar and play pub trivia together. You don’t know how addicting these games can be unless you try them.

81. Go bowling.

It has probably been a while since you last went bowling! Put on those glamourous bowling shoes, grab a couple of beers, and see if you have lost your touch.

82. Play pool.

Check out a local pool hall and spend the evening with your partner giving it your best shot.

83. Create your own water park.

Grab some sprinklers, a hose, and even set up a Slip and Slide in your backyard on a hot summer day. Or just wash the car together and get soaked. Then spread out towels in the grass, put on some music, and let the sun dry you off.

84. Train for a race together.

The more healthy you both are, the more likely you will be able to feel good about yourselves and have a positive relationship. Plus, working together toward a big goal like this is a bonding experience.

85. Go bird watching.

This is surprisingly romantic. It may seem weird at first, but being alone in the wood with your partner is never dull.

86. Go to an Improv class together.

This is another way to bond in a unique way. Discover each other’s talents and silly humor.

87. Take a tour of a local brewery.

Not only will you learn something, but you will also get to try somenew beers!

88. Visit a bookstore.

Peruse the books that have come out and that interest you and enjoy a little literary time together.

89. Take a Zumba class.

You may both feel a bit awkward, but at least you will feel awkward together. Besides, no one will be paying attention to your moves but you.

couple walking in snow storm romantic things to do

90. Go to a morning movie.

Chances are, you will have the entire theater to yourselves.

91. Volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter.

Giving back to your community together is a really romantic thing to do, and it will make both of you feel good about yourselves.

92. Make homemade ice cream.

You can get an inexpensivehomemade ice cream makerand play around with some creative flavors that you make up together.

93. Dance in the rain.

Of course, you will only be able to do this if the weather permits, but it makes for a very romantic memory.

94. Go to a karaoke bar.

No one really cares how badly you sing. Just get out of your shell and have a great time singing your favorite songs. A few drinks beforehand always helps!

95. Learn a new language.

Or, at least take a lesson. Then you can plan the romantic trip to the country that you hope to visit one day and maybe speak the language enough that the locals will understand you.

96. Go to a film festival.

This is a great way to bond over movies that you would never otherwise see.

97. Go to some open houses.

Even if you aren’t in the market to buy a new home, check out some of the houses around your city and see how other people decorate and set up their living spaces.

98. People watch.

Sit somewhere outside where a lot of people tend to walk by and come up with crazy backstories for people as they pass you by.

99. Go thrift shopping.

This is the ultimate treasure hunt! You never know what you are going to find and it is a fun to do with your partner so you can share the thrill.

If you are in a rut fordate ideas, there are a lot of things you can do to shake things up a bit and bond with your partner.

Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife

Your wife knows you love her, but she still appreciates everything you do to remind her of that. By now, you probably have some idea of what romantic gestures are most meaningful to her, so think of those as you look through the following ideas.

100. Fix something of hers or replace it with a new one.

Make something old (and/or broken) new again. And present it with an extra little surprise. If her watch has stopped working, for example, and she hasn’t had the time or keeps forgetting to get it fixed or replaced, see if you can make that happen for her as a surprise.

101. Make her breakfast in bed.

Set up a tray with a breakfast you know she’ll enjoy, along with some fresh coffee or tea and an extra little surprise, just to say, “I love you, and I want you to have a good morning.” Linger awhile, if possible, so she can enjoy your company, too.

102. Replenish her supply of coffee or tea with a new, handmade mug.

This could be artisan-made from an organization that helps refugees, battered women, etc. Even better if you know she’s been eyeing that mug but hasn’t wanted to splurge on it. Or you could add a gift card to the store, so she can pick one out herself.

103. Take her to a shop that sells candles, crystals, etc.

Find local shops that sell ethically-made candles and ethically-harvested crystals. These are things she’ll want to touch, if possible, to see whether she feels a strong connection to it. If that’s not an option, she can still get a sense of connection through sight.

104. Take her furniture shopping.

Check out a furniture store nearby just to see what they have and get a sense of what you’d both like to make room for in your home. Even if all you get from the trip are ideas — plus a chance to hang out together — you’ll both have a better sense of what you want.

105. Take her for a walk with a surprise lunch stop at a new or favorite bistro.

Go for a walk together when the weather is good for it (or to put your new coats to the test).

Make it a point to walk near a new or favorite spot to get some lunch together — hot soup on a cold day or something cold and refreshing if you’re both hot and tired.

106. Tell her she’s beautiful (and mean it).

Everyone likes to be reminded that their partner loves the way they look, even when they’re dressed down in sweats or pajamas and haven’t done anything special to their face or hair. Tell her she’s beautiful (and mean it) even when she’s not trying to be.

107. Invest in her new business idea.

Whether you’re buying branded shipping materials or you’ve decided to invest in another way, make it meaningful and find a way to present it to her, while also making sure the details meet her approval (esp if she’s already paid for or created a design she loves)

108. Get her a candle subscription

Go with the one that just feels most like something she’d enjoy, whether that’s simple and tasteful (with a minimalist, recyclable jar) or an assortment of luxury candles with unique, designer packaging. Take a look at the options and consider what she generally likes.

109. Pick out a new color scheme together for a home improvement project.

Pinterest lets you create different boards for each category you might want ideas for, like paint colors, flooring, window coverings, etc. You can work on the same board together or each create a related board and share your ideas with each other.

110. Go to a plant nursery and pick out some new plants for the home.

找一个爱好植物-迈耶像柠檬(dwarf) — for that roomy, south-facing windowsill. Or pick out a shade-loving plant that cascades gracefully from its pot for that empty corner. You could also each pick out a plant for your own workspaces at home.

111. Ring the doorbell and surprise her with a bouquet of flowers.

This is best when there’s a peephole she can use to see that it’s you (and not an axe murderer) before opening the door. If fresh flowers would only aggravate her allergies, you could surprise her with something else you know she’d enjoy.

112. Rent a tandem bicycle and go for a ride.

Some towns are better for this than others, but if you’re both game to go for a bike ride and have always wanted to try a “bicycle built for two,” check out your options. After enjoying your ride, stop at your favorite street vendor or bistro for lunch.

113. Go roller-skating (or ice-skating) together.

Pick a day when a local skating rink is open but not too busy and enjoy skating together. At some point, you can stop for some refreshment and talking before you hit the skating floor again (when they play a song you like).

114. Surprise her with her favorite dessert.

Whether it’s a chocolate ganache torte, a simple New York cheesecake or something else, buy a dessert made for two, with a short love message written on the box. Any day is a good day to remind her how sweet you are on her.

115. Plan and take a weekend getaway for the two of you.

Plan a surprise weekend getaway for you both (making sure she has nothing else planned) and enjoy a couple of days just hanging out together and having fun. You can make a detailed itinerary or just a list of fun ways to spend the time.

116. Surprise her with something from her Amazon (or other) wish list.

If you know how to access her Amazon wish list, check it out and see if there’s something you could get her as a surprise. Make sure to see which items have been added most recently, since interests can change over time.

117. Present her with an Etsy gift card for a themed online shopping trip.

For example, you could both look for Christmas gifts for the family, but her gift card could be an extra something she could use to treat herself (as an early “just because” gift). Meanwhile, encourage her to “favorite” the things she likes most.

118. Keep a couple’s journal and take turns writing in it.

Resolve not to end a message in anger. While writing a message, even if you’re frustrated, write as if you’re face to face with each other. Be kind as well as honest and open. Finish with a loving and hopeful tone that stays with you when you put down your pen.

119. Make date nights a priority.

Make time for a regular date night for the two of you, even if it’s an hour of quiet talking over a puzzle after the kids are in bed. Find a way to make it romantic — maybe by lighting a few candles and brewing a couple mugs of her favorite tea or cocoa.

Romantic Things to Do for Him

You’ve learned his love language, and you know what he likes. Keep that in mind as you look through the following options for romantic gestures. The ones he’d love most should stand out from the rest.

120. Build him a new wooden bookcase.

Order a piece of assembly-required furniture and put it together for him as a surprise. Or buy one from a thrift store or estate sale and wipe it down with some lemon oil to make it look new again. Set it up where he’ll see it and where it will be most useful to him.

121. Prepare his favorite meal or order it in for a “Just Because” gift.

Complete the meal with his beverage of choice (or something you know he’ll enjoy). Enjoy it with him while you talk. You can even break out the fancy dinnerware to make the meal more special. Let him know any meal with him is worth that.

122. Clean and refinish a piece of old furniture that’s important to him.

它可以是一件传家宝之类的他himself. Clean it up and make it shine like new again. If you know he’s been wanting to give it some TLC but just hasn’t had the time, see if you can get it done on the DL and surprise him.

123. Create a display that shows him how proud you are of him.

It could be a collage of pictures taken during proud moments. Could also be a tableau of collected items/souvenirs of your life together. Make it meaningful and visible to you both. You can also leave room for new additions as you collect or create them.

124. Organize and send him on a guy’s night out.

Just as you might enjoy some girl time with close female friends and family members, he probably enjoys hanging out with his guy friends, brothers, or other close relatives. See if you can coordinate a relaxing and fun guy’s night out for him. And don’t wait up.

125. Plan (or go) on a road trip with him to a secret destination.

You can be navigator. If you know how to get there — and ifhe trusts youto know how to get there — this shouldn’t be a problem. If he’s likely to insist you tell him where you’re going so he can figure out a better/quicker route, maybe do something else.

126. Do somethinghewants to do.

If, for example, he’s been wanting to see a certain movie (even one that doesn’t particularly interest you), surprise him with movie tickets and treat him to a favorite movie snack. Watch it with him so he can enjoy two things he’s been looking forward to.

127. Learn a favorite hobby of his.

Get to know one of his favorite hobbies and try your hand at it. Even if you don’t end up enjoying that hobby together, you’ll have a better understanding of what he puts into it and why he enjoys it. You’ll also expand your options for gift-giving.

128. Prepare the perfect snack tray for watching the game.

Get to know his favorite game snacks and learn how to make them to perfection, whether that’s nachos, Buffalo wings, potato skins, all of the above or something uniquely him.

Every time you set that tray in front of him, he’ll see (and smell) how much you love him.

129. Make him a “mix tape” CD to play during his commute.

If you know the kind of music he likes, and you share some favorites, why not burn a CD with a playlist he’ll enjoy listening to on his commute to and from work. Every time he plays the CD, he’ll think of you.

130. Get a “Man Crate” with some of his favorite things in it.

Try the “Cozy Winter Cocktail” Crate — or, for the beef-lover, the “Cow-pocalypse” Crate. With the variety of options on their site, you’re sure to find something he’ll enjoy. Try the “Popcorn Lovers” Crate as a prelude to a couple’s movie night.

131. Praise him in front of others.

Compliment him on his cooking in front of your kids, his friends, extended family, or whoever else is there to hear it. Praise him for being great at what he does or for being a wonderful dad or a thoughtful husband/partner.

132. Greet him warmly when he walks in the door.

Greet him with a hug and a kiss when he walks in the door to let him know how glad you are to see him and to set the tone for the evening. Let him know how his return brightens the day for you and makes you feel more at home.

133. Give him a proper send-off when he’s heading out the door.

When he has to leave, do your best to give him a proper goodbye with a hug and a kiss or at least a warm smile. Sometime after he’s left, you can alsosend a textto wish him a good day or a safe drive to and from his destination. Let him know you’ll miss him.

134. Make your home smell amazing.

Nothing perks up the senses and the mood like a scent you both love. You can vary it from week to week, using candles, incense, or an essential oil diffuser. Be sure to use safe, all-natural scent products to keep the air at home safe and wholesome to breathe.

135. Make yourself smell amazing.

使用气味你知道他喜欢,他是否喜欢citrusy / foody smells or floral / herbal scents. Whenever you hug him, he’ll smell the fragrance and feel himself relaxing into it. The only caveat is he might not want to (ever) let you go.

136. Sneak a favorite treat into his lunch cooler before he leaves.

Pick up snack-size portions of treats he enjoys and sneak them into his lunch cooler or briefcase. He’ll know you’re thinking of him and that you put it in there to bring a smile to his face and to make his day better.

137. Build him a better night’s sleep.

Agood night’s sleepmakes a huge difference in his mood and energy levels. So, if his pillow is looking sad, find a replacement that will give him the comfort and support he needs. You could alsogifthim a subscription to the Calm app for nighttime meditation.

138. Shovel the driveway after a heavy snowfall.

Few things put a damper on the final safe arrival at home, like not getting the car through the snow and ice and into the garage. If you can, shovel out the driveway to show him you’re thinking of him.

139. Get him a mug customized with a brief love note or favorite term of endearment.

很容易得到杯子定制报价的your own choosing and even a photo. Try Vistaprint and take advantage of any offered discounts. There’s no minimum purchase requirement, so customize as many thoughtful gifts as you like.

Romantic Things to Do During Quarantine

Think of quarantine as an opportunity to explore the options that have been right in front of you for months (or years) but that have taken a back seat to “going out.” Look over the options below and make your own list of things to try together.

140. Create a couple’s vision board.

The theme can be“Our Relationship” or “Our Bucket List”or something else that appeals to you both. You can order all the supplies for this online (posterboard, markers, stickers, catalogs, magazines, etc.). You can also create a virtual vision board using an app.

141. Throw a decluttering party and celebrate filling a box with donations.

Even if you can’t immediately drop off your donations, just getting them boxed up and loaded into the car is therapeutic. When you remove items that no longer serve you, you feel lighter afterward. You can breathe more easily. Home becomes a haven for you both.

142. Order in her favorite food as a surprise stay-at-home “dinner date.”

For those days when neither one of you feels like cooking or when you just want something different (that you’ve yet to attempt making yourself), order something in that you both enjoy, and stage an impromptu dinner date.

143. Plan or enjoy a “Couple’s Retreat” of your own (joint) design.

You can both brainstorm themes for your couple’s retreat, as well as the hours during which you’ll be unavailable to others (i.e., no phone calls, texts, social media, etc.). Make sure others living there know about your plans, so they won’t interrupt them.

144. Plan a home improvement project

Decide on what needs your attention first or what you can tackle with minimal trauma. Maybe order something that will help you keep your space neat and organized — or order new curtains/blinds, throw pillows, rugs, lamps, etc.

145. Have a “couple’s spa day.”

Bring on the slippers, robes, and self-care goodies. Light your favorite candles and round up all your skin-care and hair-care products for an all-out, full-body spa experience. Put the kettle on to keep the tea in good supply, and talk as little or as much as you want.

146. Create a home improvement vision board or scrapbook.

Cut out pictures of furniture, etc. from catalogs and magazines and arrange them on poster board or separate pages (of a scrapbook) for each category. Scrapbooks are easier to store, but vision boards are more visible. Take your pick or make one of each.

147. Learn how to make your own soy-wax candles with essential oils.

You can order the wax/blends, cotton or hemp wicks, and essential oils on Etsy (or other sources). Whip up some batches in different scents for gifts, and save a few of your favorites for date nights or quiet evenings together.

148. Take an online “home arts” class together.

There are so many options for online classes, you’re sure to find something that would appeal to you both, whether it’s for herb gardening, food preservation, or starting a home-based business. Make it meaningful as well as fun,

149. Cook up an “around the world” buffet.

Explore a new world of cuisine — whether you start with Indian, Korean, Greek, or any ethnic food that interests you both, possibly because of a family connection. Start with some easy-to-make basics and branch out from there.

150. Do a home workout together.

开始每天的锻炼(瑜伽,这种训练, Pilates, etc.). You can find plenty of free videos on YouTube, and some phone apps (likeFitOn) will let you watch workout videos on your desktop so you can both follow the instructor more easily.

151. Pick a book from the shelf and take turns reading to each other.

You could also take turns choosing the book to read.

Today’s might be reading a steamy romance novel, and tomorrow’s could be a nonfiction book on a shared interest. Set aside a block of time and make sure you have beverages handy (reading is thirsty work).

152. Lie down outside and stargaze together.

Spread out a blanket (or a tarp and then a blanket) and lie down side by side under the stars or under the tops of trees swaying in the wind. Spend the time quietly breathing together or take advantage of the chance to talk while holding hands.

153. Do some genealogy research.

See what you can learn about your family trees that you don’t already know. Ask questions of those who might know more than you do, and take advantage of the opportunity to see how they’re doing. Use what resources are available to you and fill in some gaps.

154. Take turns posing for portraits.

Each of you gets the chance to dress up and pose while the other has the camera and takes the shots. You can have multiple takes with different outfits or stick with one look for each of you. Pick out your favorites for each to make a keepsake ornament or mug.

155. Learn the art of making tea.

Try different teas for this one to find the ones you both enjoy most when it’s made correctly. No microwaves allowed. Supplies include a teakettle, a teapot, and teacups (your choice of style), as well as loose-leaf tea or tea bags.

156. Solve a crossword puzzle together.

抓住日报或下载一个填字游戏应用nd solve some puzzles together, whether you love the NY Times crossword or you’re looking for something easier to start with. If you both love it, this could become a regular morning or evening thing.

157. Enjoy a jigsaw puzzle together.

If the sight of fresh, new puzzle pieces fills you both with joy, and you can hardly wait to get started on it, this is an excellent way to pass quiet afternoons or evenings together. Each of you should have the chance to pick out puzzles you feel drawn to.

158. WatchHamiltonin style (if you haven’t yet — or watch it again)

打扮成如果你要在一个广泛的看到它way theater, and have some foods and beverages of choice ready before you start streaming it onDisney Plus. Use the intermission for an actual intermission (stretch your legs, etc.)

159. Plan for or throw a (private) birthday party.

If one or both of you are having a birthday during quarantine, you can still celebrate together. Order in or make your birthday dinner and the cake (or other birthday dessert), or pick it up curb-side. Arrange for games or other fun activities.

Which of these romantic ideas for couples will you choose?

If you are a couple whoenjoys getting out and having funadventures together, now you have a menu of ideas to choose from.

Try a few of these date ideas with the person you love. Make a commitment to do a few of these a month.

You may get a chance to see your beloved in a new light and learn something new about each other.

Whether it’s travel, learning, fitness, or just entertainment, these adventures will bring you closer together and add an exciting dimension to your relationship.

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